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HY-Di Smart Battery System

Innovation begins with the power supply. Essential in many areas of our lives, including medical technology. After all, engineers in the development of medical products or the technical managers in a clinic depend on the devices running perfectly. This is a typical use case for HY-Di: a smart battery system developed by our portfolio company HY-LINE.

An intelligent system of Smart Battery and analysis software and hardware: the HY-Di Smart Battery System for future-oriented healthcare

The Smart Battery System HY-Di from HY-LINE turns rechargeable batteries into state-of-the-art instruments for the operation of a wide variety of products and devices, but also for their technical development from prototype to series production. With the system, HY-LINE customers can reliably monitor and manage battery parameters.

Perfect battery control. At any time. Everywhere.

The system shows HY-LINE customers all the key figures for the battery used. Anytime and anywhere. When developing medical products, this helps engineers to quickly gain knowledge and opens new perspectives. With HY-Di you can make reliable predictions about the behaviour and life cycle of the smart batteries and thus also about the developed prototypes.

In everyday clinical practice, HY-Di offers precise monitoring and management of rechargeable batteries. It is the symbiosis of power supply and battery control that makes ventilators or inhalation devices, infusion pumps, defibrillators or EEG and ECG fail-safe components of every clinical organizational unit.

This turns every medical product into an innovative and indispensable cornerstone of modern healthcare.

HY-Di: also a contribution to climate protection

The HY-LINE development team is committed every day to significantly and noticeably improving all the disadvantages that lithium-ion batteries still have today. By avoiding overcharging and excessively high temperatures and by significantly extending the service life, you avoid replacing batteries unnecessarily and in a way that is harmful to the environment.

Rechargeable batteries can not only make more and more energy available in less and less space or become lighter in weight. For the first-time, high-energy densities, reliable power delivery, cell voltages and the long service life become transparent.

Due to the medical approval of the HY-Di Smart Battery System, the healthcare sector is currently HY-LINE's most important market. However, the batteries can also be used in all other applications - wherever the supplied voltages and capacities of the product series are sufficient.

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