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3 questions to Carolin Scheffer, Director People & Culture

Carolin Scheffer has been Director People & Culture at Blue Cap AG since February 2023. Previously, she held various senior HR positions at well-known companies such as Hubert Burda Media, Condé Nast Germany and Allgeier Experts. Carolin is responsible for the further development of the corporate culture and the employer branding of Blue Cap AG and its portfolio companies. In addition to the tasks of organizational development and talent management, this also includes the coordination, implementation, and optimization of recruiting measures.

In this interview, Carolin reveals how our portfolio companies can position themselves as attractive employers and what role the managers of the Blue Cap portfolio companies play in the transformation process.

The current and future challenges such as the shortage of skilled workers and the change in the working world due to the influence of new technologies require the willingness of the teams to act entrepreneurially and to take responsibility.

Carolin Scheffer
Director People & Culture at Blue Cap AG

Carolin, your job title includes the word “Culture”. How would you describe a good company culture?

For me, a good corporate culture includes transparent and intensive communication, cross-team cooperation and a constructive, sustainable feedback and healthy culture of criticism. It should focus on people with their skills and needs and accompany them in their individual development.

This is not yet the case in many medium-sized companies. Rigid hierarchies, silo thinking, and complicated reporting channels have been established over many years, which now need to be changed. Executives play a key role in this change. They should invite their employees to act independently.

Speaking of executives: You are responsible for recruiting, among other things. What do you look for when searching suitable executives?

Our business model thrives on transformation. In order to be able to carry this out successfully, we need entrepreneurial teams and cross-departmental cooperation. And this is where managers come in: They should create a working environment for their employees in which they can assume responsibility and develop further. When looking for a suitable manager, I pay close attention to an open mindset for change, empathy and the ability for self-reflection. Transformational leadership is demonstrated by motivating the team to come up with their own ideas instead of taking orders from above. As a rule, decisions are made faster and more efficiently. The employees feel valued and supported and are therefore willing to work constructively on change processes even in difficult phases.

How does a medium-sized company manage to position itself as an attractive employer?

First of all, we need to be aware that in today's labour market we have to solicit every single employee. The demands are increasing while at the same time the length of stay in the company is decreasing. This means that the work isn't done once you've found and hired a new talent, but that's when the real work begins. Now it's a matter of retaining the new employee for the long term and bonding them emotionally to the company. A modern and appreciative corporate culture, which must manifest itself in everyday work, has a significant influence. Because lived values, a cooperative management style, transparent and above all honest communication and individual support are now at the top of the list when choosing a future employer or when deciding to change jobs.

Our portfolio companies have noticed a major rethinking in the workforce in recent years: Employees want to contribute their strengths to the organization and develop their potential. At the same time, they want their demands and needs to be taken seriously. Not an easy task - especially for medium-sized manufacturing companies. But we sense a high level of willingness on the part of our holdings to embark on this path. From the holding company, we provide increased support with modern personnel development concepts to bind employees to the company in the long term and to attract new employees.

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