Here you can obtain an overview of the Blue Cap Group’s key figures, including its net asset value, and the company’s development over time.

Consolidated income statement
in EUR thousand202120202019
Total output277,108257,098230,446
Consolidated net income4,71516,4922,819

Adjusted consolidated income statement *
in EUR thousand202120202019
Adjusted EBITDA24,64617,61814,333
Adjusted EBITDA as % of total output, adjusted 9.1%7.6%6.4%
Adjusted EBIT13,3168,8926,796
Adjusted EBIT as % of total output, adjusted4.9%3.8%3.0%

Statement of financial position
in EUR thousand202120202019
Total assets268,035198,502201,340
Equity ratio in %36.740.533.3
Working capital (net)49,14634,96840,551
Net financial debt (excluding leasing)42,85928,35448,905
Net financial debt / adjusted EBITDA1.71.63.4

Investments, depreciation and amortisation
in EUR thousand202120202019
Investments 35,30513,24022,881
_ of which in company acquisitions29,24412513,366
_ of which in property, plant and equipment5,3226,1448,034
_ of which in assets held for sale02,5890

Statement of cash flows
in EUR thousand202120202019
Cash flow from operating activities12,44012,5971,843
Cash flow from investing activities-18,89714,122-18,945
Cash flow from financing activities7,314-9,2498,972

Share key figures
in EUR202120202019
Number of shares, weighted average **4,151,0183,992,7663,980,000
Earnings per share **
Dividend per share0.851.000.75
Share price as of year-end (XETRA)31.0017.7516.80
Market capitalisation at year-end in EUR million136.2870.9466.86

Non-financial indicators
Employees (average)1,2111,0951,024
_ of which trainees353437
Number of portfolio companies (as of 31 Dec)9810

* Without extraordinary, prior-period and other effects resulting from reorganisation measures and one-off effects
** Diluted and basic

Indicative net asset value

In order to value the investments in the individual companies and to improve the transparency of the Group’s potential enterprise value, Blue Cap AG calculates the net asset value (NAV) every six months. The procedure is based on the guidelines for comparable private equity companies and is set out in the International Private Equity and Venture Capital Guidelines (IPEV Guidelines).

Indicative NAV
EUR MILLION30 June 202231 December 202130 June 2021
NAV of the business areas128.6119.3118.8
_ Plastics68.868.556.9
_ Adhesives & Coatings25.434.555.3
_ Business Services32.714.00
_ Others *
NAV of the minority interests40.933.429.1
Net debt (-) / cash-in-hand - Blue Cap AG (+)-0.1-1.9-1.9
Carrying amount of properties less liabilities of asset holding company-0.922.09.2
Indicative NAV of the Group168.5172.8155.2
Indicative NAV per share** in EUR38.3439.3038.82

* "Others" includes the portfolio companies nokra and by the end of fiscal year 2021 Gämmerler
** Based on the number of shares on the reporting date 30 June 2022: 4,396,290, 31 December 2021: 4,396,290, 30 June 2021: 3,996,628

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