Blue Cap’s corporate activities are based on its conviction that sustainable value added is only possible by taking economic, ecological and social impacts and goals into account as part of a holistic approach.

In 2020 we began to develop a comprehensive sustainability strategy for environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) topics in partnership with the management teams of the portfolio companies. In addition to setting out sustainability measures at the individual portfolio companies, ESG has also been embedded into all elements of our business model "buy, transform & sell".

Our sustainability report in accordance with the German Sustainability Code (DNK) informs our stakeholders about our strategy and our progress in implementing our sustainability targets.

  1. Integration into investment process and due diligence
  2. _ Minimisation of ESG risk exposure

    _ Identification of ESG-based value growth potential

    _ Negative list for sectors and business models

  1. Increased sustainability
  2. _ e.g. by improving carbon footprint or enhancing products with sustainability interests in mind

  3. Monitoring ESG developments
  4. _ Using qualitative and quantitative KPIs

  1. Best owner approach
  2. _ Consideration of ESG criteria based on best owner approach

  3. Integration into equity story
  4. _ ESG risk profile
    _ GHG emissions


Blue Cap’s sustainability approach is not limited to simply avoiding ESG-related risks.

We see sustainability as an opportunity and equal value driver in the development of our subsidiaries. Our mission is to “make things better”, and we see it as our duty to continually increase the sustainability performance of our portfolio companies as part of the transformation process. Blue Cap manages sustainability actively from within the holding company.

Our goalis to take economic, ecological and social goals into consideration over the long term in equal measures, both at the Group and individual portfolio company level. This should allow us to grow sustainably – also in terms of sustainable value creation.


Taking responsibility

Blue Capis aware of its responsibility towards the attainment of climate targets. We are committed to the targets of the Paris Agreement and are working on measures to ensure the necessary reduction in carbon emissions within our Group. This includes intensively examining the use of renewable energies at our portfolio companies and supporting this process with other complementary measures at all times.

Mitigating climate change with innovative solutions

In addition to reducing carbon emissions, lowering the impact that our other activities have on the environment plays an important role, especially for our portfolio companies in industry. At these companies, the focus is on both the manufacturing process and product development. The companies operating in the plastics and adhesives sector in particular now all have “green” product lines in their range as environmentally friendly alternatives, and these are constantly being improved.

Example projects from our portfolio companies:

Neschenis working at full tilt on non-toxic alternatives to PVC banners and new types of polyurethane-based printing films.

Planatolhas been producing and developing adhesives from renewable raw materials such as starch-based systems for many years now, and is working hand-in-hand with its large network of suppliers on an ongoing basis to identify new raw materials for sustainable production.

con-pearlplays a leading role within the Blue Cap Group in terms of sustainable value creation. The company’s own recycling plant allows it to achieve a share of recycled raw materials in production averaging 80%, putting it among the industry leaders. con-pearl is also one of only a handful of providers in the packaging sector to offer a closed-loop recycling system for reusable packaging from a single source, namely by collecting the packaging again at the end of its lifespan and then recycling it in its own plant so that new packaging can then be produced using the recovered regranulate.


Care, support, integrate

The corporate cultureat Blue Cap boasts a streamlined hierarchical structure and a high level of openness and focus on employees. After all, it is their skills and ideas that set the course for our corporate success and significantly contribute to the attainment of our medium-term and long-term targets. By offering our employees opportunities to advance their personal and professional development, we increase their satisfaction with their work and ensure that as a company we can meet the mounting market demands. In order to retain our employees and attract qualified new specialists, we offer them a variety of duties, attractive areas of activity and performance-based pay.

As an employer, Blue Cap prides itself in:

Short decision-making channelsand direct and open communication between all levels.

Varied opportunities for professional and personal development. This includes targeted internal and external training programmes which are carried out following individual consultations and are based on the needs of the employees in question.

An inclusive working environmentin which individual differences are respected, valued and encouraged. We always assign positions, tasks and salaries on the basis of performance, regardless of gender, origin or age.


Living shared values

Our shareholders, customers, employees, business partners and the public put their trust in our company every day – and in the way that we manage the company. We have earned this trust partly due to our strict adherence to the laws, compliance principles and codes of conduct that the Blue Cap Management Board and Supervisory Board have committed to personally and that bring about a shared understanding of values that are lived within the organisation every day.

An overview of our activities:

A Group-wide compliance management systemensures compliance with all laws and internal regulations by Blue Cap employees. It is responsible for preventing, identifying and sanctioning violations of the law and regulations.

Our compliance officersat the portfolio companies help to make the topic a part of everyday working life, keep employees up to date on compliance topics through regular training sessions and can answer any questions the employees have and give them tips.

A whistle-blower hotlinehas been set up to allow compliance violations to be reported, allowing employees to report any irregularities anonymously and without having to fear negative consequences.

A uniform Code of Conductand an Anti-Corruption Policy provide clarity on sensitive issues and desirable conduct, and serve as a guide for the employees of the holding company and the portfolio companies in their day-to-day work.

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