As an experienced and long-standing investment company, we acquire SMEs that have clear potential for improving their earnings and strong growth prospects. Our emphasis is on companies in the German SME sector with extensive experience in B2B operations and a wide range of different sectors. We harness this potential by actively supporting our portfolio companies. We want to provide a solid foundation for successful development and sustainable growth.

We therefore attach great importance to mutual respect and creating an atmosphere of trust with one another. In our day-to-day business, we make sure that our portfolio companies retain and build on the SME identities, independent structures and strategies that they have developed over time.

Our investment in the portfolio companies does not assume a fixed holding period. We see ourselves as a long-term temporary owner and follow a best-owner approach. Only once a company has reached its full potential with our assistance are we ready to sell on our shares. Depending on the scope and type of improvements to be made, this process can take a long time – and this is what sets us apart from financial investors with limited fund terms. Our stable capital base and wide-ranging diversification also allow us to implement measures at the individual companies with effects that can only be achieved in the long term, such as investments in research and development.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

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