Blue Cap AG sets a clear climate target and publishes its first sustainability report

_Climate target: Reduction of CO2 equivalent by 36% by 2030 and by 58% by 2035 as compared to 2021
_Focus on climate protection in business year 2022
_2021 sustainability report in accordance with the German Sustainability Code (DNK)

Munich, 24 May 2022 – Following the guiding principle “Make Things Better”, Blue Cap AG published its first sustainability report. The report presents in detail the holding company's key sustainability topics, outlines the ESG targets and provides an outlook on further ambitions.

In 2020, the Blue Cap Group had already defined ecology, climate protection, employees, product portfolio and value creation as top priorities for its sustainability initiative. In 2021, the ESG performance of the holding and its portfolio companies was measured for the first time using a comprehensive matrix of performance indicators. For these measurements, the GRI SRS set of criteria of the German Sustainability Code was applied. The data collected also served as the starting point for the climate protection target of Blue Cap AG in reducing the CO2 equivalents on affiliate level by 36% by 2030 and 58% by 2035.

Ulrich Blessing, COO and board member responsible for sustainability: “Within the Blue Cap Group, we assume ecological and social responsibility. During the past year, we put a lot of work into our sustainability strategy, firmly anchoring it in our business model. The publication of our first sustainability report, which exceeds the regulatory obligations by far, is a milestone in terms of transparency with regard to the associated activities.”

Sustainable further development of the portfolio
Sustainability topics affect Blue Cap in particular because of the potential effects on and of their portfolio companies, the majority of which come from the manufacturing industry. Accordingly, the operational activities of the affiliates have the greatest effect on environment and society. This is why sustainability activities focus on conserving resources, increasing efficiency and developing eco-friendly products.

In this respect, con-pearl plays a leading role among the portfolio companies of Blue Cap AG. The manufacturer of lightweight boards for various applications uses recycled material yielded from their own recycling plants. Furthermore, con-pearl products can be recycled at the end of their lifespan to make new raw materials. con-pearl thus already meets one of the targets defined in the EU taxonomy for achieving a circular economy. Uniplast is also involved in the recycling business; in this case, handling items rejected in production and re-using them as raw material. Neschen is intensively working on non-toxic alternatives to PVC banners, while Planatol has been manufacturing adhesives from renewable raw materials for many years.

Within the context of Blue Cap's climate protection initiatives, the potential of utilising renewable energies has been investigated for all portfolio companies during the reporting year. As a first result, a photovoltaic plant will be installed at Planatol at their Rohrdorf site, with another one already being planned for con-pearl. Using renewable energies at these sites will provide a significant contribution to achieving the climate targets of Blue Cap AG. In addition, these sites will be less dependent on the utilities market and yield cost benefits by reducing the amount of power purchased from utility providers.

Outlook: Focus on climate protection
In view of the extraordinary relevance of the issue and in line with the results of the materiality analysis, the focus this year will be on climate protection. In 2022, the aim is to develop a climate protection strategy for the group that will go well beyond the CO2 reduction targets already defined.
In order to contribute to the sustainable use of resources, the sustainability report is published online only. It is available at the company's website at:

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